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Enteo: What the hell is a mscreate.dir folder?

We are using Enteo as a deployment method for our new citrix farms at present, we are having one or two bugs but over all I’m greatly impressed with this software, its like RIS but it very functional!

Our latest issue with powerfuse is that we cant redirect the users desktop, we have the home drive mapped, the user shell registry entries but poof, no desktop redirection.

During troubleshooting we noticed these mscreate.dir folders in every single folder in our mandatory profile folder and havent a clue where they came from?!? After a bit of digging around Enteo creates these files as logs for the uninstallation of software deployed through Enteo. We were using an Enteo script to copy the mandatory profile to the %systemdrive% of every citrix server allowing the manadatory profile to be loaded quickly from local disk.

Now that we know what the folders are we dont mind them too much, but if you do choose to remove them, simply open the folder you have copied down with enteo and execute this batch command to remove them:

del /s /f mscreate.dir

Nothing else to report at the moment, well lots to report but not enough time 🙂


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