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Exporting and Importing XenApp Load Evaluators

For such a simple idea this was strangely not covered on google,  so  I had set about to create an EXE for the support guys in house to move our production load evaluators to our test environments.

Load evaluator information for the most part was accessible easily through mfcom, everything from high to low water marks and schedules are well covered, but for some reason IP ranges are mysteriously excluded and not supported. Personally this didnt bother me all that much, as we dont use ip ranges, but without it, a “covers all” published EXE was pointless.

So instead of develop a half assed gui, I moved to Powershell instead. Powershell covers this task so easily. If you havent installed the xenapp powershell cmdlets in your citrix environment, go… NOW. They’re excellent.

Open “powershell with Xenapp commands (ctp3)”:

Exporting a load evaluator:

get-xaloadevaluator -loadevaluatorname InsertLoadEvaluatorname | export-CLIXml c:\path\filename.xml

Once you’ve exported your load evaluator data, move to the new farm and run the following:

Importing a new load evaluator:

import-CLIXml c:\path\filename.xml | new-xaloadevaluator

Note: if the load evaluator already exists, and you wish to update it, use:

Updating a current Load evaluator:

import-CLIXml c:\path\filename.xml | set-xaloadevaluator

And thats it!

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