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ThinKiosk 2.2 Available.

Firstly, a big thank you to Geert Braakhekke for registering www.thinkiosk.nl, you rock man!

Secondly, Just a quick update to say ThinKiosk 2.2 is available for download now.

Below you will find the fixes and new features in this release:

Bug fixes:

  • The Group policy file has been updated to include the options to log off a desktop after a session ends (available in 2.1, i just forgot to document it). (Thanks Bart / Shane for the heads up).
  • In certain situations, VDI in a Box websites were displaying in IE 7 standards mode resulting in scroll bars, this has now been addressed by forcing ThinKiosk to use the latest browsing standards available on the local machine.

Added Features:

  • A snazzy italian language pack! Thanks Riccardo.
  • With no effort from me (thanks again Bart) RES Virtual Desktop Extender is now working and supported with ThinKiosk.
  • Scroll bars can be enabled for sites specified in the sites list. This can be configured via the offline tool or group policy.
  • Custom Tools can be launched in full screen if needed. This can be configured via the offline tool or group policy.

And it’s still free!

ThinKiosk development has taken quite some time and it takes time to support you via email. If you use ThinKiosk in your environment or appreciate the savings its made for you, please consider making a donation to help me keep this project alive… I would really appreciate it!

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