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Creating hardware based device groups in Citrix Edgesight

If you want to organise your hardware into easy to view groups in edgesight, this is the post for you!

It can be extremely useful when retiring new hardware, or doing inventory as below:

Using your preferential database browsing tool, browse over to the edgesight database and view the contents of the DBO.Box_asset as below, this table will give you a view of the types of hardware on which you can create your reports:

Take a note of the Hardware types above and lets jump over to edgesight and start creating the groups.

Logged into the EdgeSight console, go to the configure tab, Device managementGroups:

Click the new group button:

On the new group tab, configure the relevant names and the options you require, below is an example:

Once happy with the options, click create group.

On the Member Type selection, choose Queries.

On the query page, select new query:

Name the query as you wish then paste the following in below (replacing %query% with the hardware type you have identified above).

Note: a % is the equivalent of a * in sql language.

select i.instid 
from instance  as i inner join machine as m on i.machid = m.machid 
inner join box_asset as b on b.boxaid = m.boxaid 
WHERE b.model LIKE '%query%'

Once finished, click the test query button to ensure you have the results you desire in the window as above.

Assuming you are happy with your result, Click save query, Add query then next, then finally Finish.

Once complete, browse to Device Management, devices and in the dropdown you’ll see the newly created groups on which you can run reports.

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