ThinKiosk 3 features preview

As requested, here’s a sneak peak of what to expect in the up coming release on ThinKiosk 2.3. I hope to have a release candidate available early next week. I’ll need my favourite translators to step forward again to help ThinKiosk reach multi language organisations and users!

Without further ado:

Additional support:

  • Added support for Citrix StoreFront services 1.2 (Cloud Gateway)
  • Added support for VDI in a Box 5.1 (no open prompt!)
  • Added support for internet Explorer 10
  • Added support for Windows 8
  • Added support for Windows Embedded Standard 8

New Features:

On particularly old or slow pc’s the startup time for ThinKiosk can be quite lengthy while ThinKiosk loads the embedded browser, a splash screen with progress marquee has been added to provide feedback and keep the user entertained.

Screenshot and email functionality. you can now allow ThinKiosk register [PrintScreen] which in turn will allow the user to send an error or issue directly to the helpdesk, including support information via SMTP. Thanks Shane!

Progress bar! When loading slow to load URL’s, it can be difficult to tell whether the website has hung, or it has just taken some time to load. By default ThinKiosk 2.3 will ship with an “on demand” progress bar to tell you when ThinKiosk is busy.

Added beta support for Wireless Networks via the control panel (this needs testing).

New items in the admin menu. The admin menu now contains some very useful commands for administrators when troubleshooting end points:

  • Task Manager.
  • Internet Explorer Control panel.
  • Restart /Exit ThinKiosk.
  • Remote Desktop connection.
  • Offline Configuration Tool.

When using Web interface log off on session launch, ThinKiosk performed the task so quickly that the user was often left a little confused as to what has happened and why they have been kicked out before the session finally launched. ThinKiosk will now provide feedback when a new session launches or when workspace control is busy reconnecting and has a 2 seconds hold down timer before it kicks the user off the web interface.

Restart or Shutdown on Session End. previously when a remote session ended, you had an option to log the local user off. This was particularly useful if you were using Citrix Pass through authentication. A recurring request was to add the ability to restart, or shutdown the pc. This is now included in the offline config tool and group policy.

A number of fussy individual’s didn’t appreciate my lightsteelblue colour scheme change, for you guys (you know who you are) you can now disable the colour change on startup via group policy or offline config tool if grey is your thing.

Bug fixes / enhancements:

Changing zones in internet explorer while ThinKiosk is running used to result in a crash (e.g moving a domain from the internet zone to trusted sites). This crash is now handled and you will receive a warning icon to restart ThinKiosk at your next convenience. Please note, circumventing this crash will disable Auto log off and log off redirection until ThinKiosk is restarted.

When navigating to a url with an untrusted SSL certificate, by default an embedded browser will not allow you to continue without prompting for scripting errors. These scripting errors in turn stopped Citrix Web Interface from working in multi farm environments. Support has been added to allow scripting errors only when an untrusted ssl cert is requested.

ThinKiosk will now amend the feature controls neccessary for embedded browsers on a per user basis. This will allow for better native support for ActiveX and Mime types. This will cause a quick restart as soon as ThinKiosk launches if a change is neccessary. This will also handle the upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 seamlessly. This process can be disabled via the offline config tool / group policy.

The offline config tool will now detect values specified in group policy or in user key’s it cannot control and warn you that these values exist.

The apply button has been removed from the offline config tool, it wasn’t needed or working exactly as I wanted it to.

The offline config tool has been reordered to provide a better structure to settings.

All shared code between ThinKiosk and the Offline config tool has been moved to a shared library! it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t easy but it will make things alot easier for me in future when making changes.

Tons more error catching in ThinKiosk.

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