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Introducing Wake On Lan manager

checklist_2_128x128x32Here’s a little tool I’ve been using in my home lab in anger for a few months and decided somebody else might get some use out of it.

2013-07-30 08_52_00-home.thinscale.net_3389 - Remote Desktop Connection

Wake on Lan manager is the latest tool I’ve written for managing your home lab environment for power saving. With Wake on Lan manager you can add a list of hosts or pc’s sitting at home behind a firewall and wake them up on demand. In my setup I leave one machine running in my lab at home every day and when I need to spin up the hypervisors I can simply right click and wake the computer up on demand:

2013-07-30 08_51_18-home.thinscale.net_3389 - Remote Desktop Connection

Wake on Lan will check the status of the machine via DNS and ping to check when the machine comes up at which time you can choose to RDP or SSH directly to the device.

How it works:

In order for Wake on lan manager to work correctly, you should register the correct DNS name and IP address in your lab for the hypervisors. The target machines must also support Magic Packet aka Wake on Lan.

Putty Support:

In order to get putty working, install wake on lan manager and browse down to the installation folder, find the wolmanager.exe.config and add the putty path as follows:

2013-07-30 08_58_39-home.thinscale.net_3389 - Remote Desktop Connection

Download link:



.Net Framework 4 client profile.

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