Below you will find the application’s I’ve written over the years, these applications were written out of necessity and I provide them online to add to the community where I’ve found a gap. For most applications I also provide the source code, feel free to tweak these applications to suit yourself.

These are 100% free-ware, I only ask you leave me a comment to let me know if one of my applications have helped you day to day or if you’ve tweaked them to suit your requirements.


With alot of uncertainty in the Citrix Thin Client market (Citrix SoC), the increasing demands for client. Using current defunct hardware to provide a better experience to the user can slash the cost of new customer roll outs and also provide a stop gap solution as we all patiently wait to see what Citrix will deliver with their System on Chip design.offloading (HDX redirection) and the abundance of suitable hardware in your current infrastructure, there has never been a greater need for hardware recycling.

With this in mind I recently set about evaluating products in this market. I tested both Linux based distro’s and the Citrix Desktop appliance lock.

  • The linux devices had driver related issues and didnt support the full feature list of Citrix’s HDX technologies.
  • The Citrix Desktop Appliance lock (although great) lacked control and flexibility.

Ultimately, not satisfied with my options I decided to develop my own solution to this Problem.

For more information on ThinKiosk, or to download click here:

Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop Utilities:

Caffeine for Citrix Receiver:

Caffeine for Citrix receiver is a little utility to manage remote screen saver lock out and power saving options on the local device.

You can find more information  here:


ThreadLocker has been written to help you target known problematic processes and deal with them pro actively.

Threadlocker also has the added benefit of dropping the priority of known grunty processes to idle, meaning the process will use as much CPU as it can, but any other higher priority process can interupt without sluggishness or pauses.

For more information on ThreadLocker, or to download click here:

Watcher 2.0

Watcher 2.0 is a simple ICA channel monitoring tool.

This tool sits at the top of a users session and informs the user when they are using more than an acceptable amount of bandwidth.Watcher 2 was designed to find user behavior causing high ica traffic and to help the user explain what they were doing at the time.

For more information on Watcher 2.0, or to download click here:

Microsoft App-V:

App-V preferences tool:

The App-V preferences tool was written for SBC* and desktop enviroments alike where administrators wish to give users an easy way to delete their App-V preferences without guiding them through the command line or user profile structure.

The App-V preferences tool simply lists all the user preferences a user has for their respective App-V applications and gives them an easy to use interface to delete these preferences when needed.

For more information on the App-V preferences utility, or to download click here:

App-V Launcher:

The App-V Launcher tool is an application to quickly troubleshoot application issues inside of the App-V bubble.

I originally wrote to program to help the internal helpdesk / level 2 support troubleshoot issues and view the virtual file system in the users App-V preferences. This utility greatly simplfies the process of launching a command in the bubble.

This utility lists all locally cached app-v applications and provides a simple command line to enter the command you wish to run inside of the bubble.

For more information on the App-V launcher utility, or to download click here:

Miscellaneous Utilities:


Wake on Lan Managerchecklist_2_128x128x32

Wake on Lan manager is a tool I’ve written for managing your home lab environment for power saving. With Wake on Lan manager you can add a list of hosts or pc’s sitting at home behind a firewall and wake them up on demand. In my setup I leave one machine running in my lab at home every day and when I need to spin up the hypervisors I can simply right click and wake the computer up on demand.

For more information on the Wake on Lan Manager utility, or to download click here:




A little irk of mine with Windows 7 and server 2008 R2 was the Devices and Printers interface. This mix of peripherals is fine for standard desktops, but in SBC / VDI the devices list generally contained items you didn’t want users seeing, or ejecting for that matter!

Not happy with the Irk, and still on my app developing buzz, i decided to write SBC Printers:

For more information on the SBC-Printers utility, or to download click here:

Reboot Watcher.

The concept behind reboot watcher is to watch a servers restart and alert you when the server goes down, and comes back up again. I found a need for this as I often restart a server, move to a different piece of work or head to uncle google for some reading and forget I was waiting for the server to come back. Queue time wasted…

Reboot watcher waits for a failed ping, the waits for the server to begin pinging again. Once the server is pinging it then attempts to open a session on 3389 until it succeeds, at which point it deems the server as up and available.

For more information on the reboot watcher utility, or to download click here:

Remote RDP.

There’s very litte more annoying in a windows environment than having to go to a console of a server because some idiot has disabled remote administration on a server. I was in this situation recently and decided not to go to the console out of principle.

Remote RDP has the ability to query the status of RDP and enable rdp from remote.

For more information on the remote RDP utility, or to download click here:

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