Configuring ThinKiosk via the Registry

If group policies aren’t available you can also configure ThinKiosk via the registry. This can be handy for small implementations or when policies just wont suit your roll out.

Registry Location:

Thinkiosk will check the two registry locations below on startup for configuration information:

Computer Configuration:


User Configuration:


Note: HKEY_CURRENT_USER will win in the event of a conflict.

Configurable Keys:

Below you will find the keys available for configuration and a brief description:

Key Name: DisableUnlock

Type: REG_Dword

Explanation: Removes the ability for an administrator to access the admin menu with [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [U]

Example:  0 = off 1 = on

Key Name: ShowAdminMenu

Type: REG_Dword

Explanation: Shows the admin menu by default if enabled, not recommended, but handy for testing.

Example:  0 = off 1 = on

Key Name: ShowLogOff

Type: REG_Dword

Explanation: Displays a log off option to the user, under the power menu. Handy for during user testing.

Example:  0 = off 1 = on

Key Name: UnlockPassword

Type: REG_SZ

Explanation: The password to unlock thinkiosk. If not specfied the default applies.

Example: SecurePassw0rd!?

Key Name: URL

Type: REG_SZ

Explanation: The URL of the web interface, remember to include http:// or https://

Example: http://citrix/Citrix/XenApp

Key Name: EnableHome

Type: REG_Dword

Explanation: Displays a home button on the toolbar, useful for access gateway connections.

Example:  0 = off 1 = on

Key Name: WindowMode

Type: REG_Dword

Explanation: Displays thinkiosk in a window, rather than full screen, useful in a multi desktop or application scenario as applications will stack.

Example:  0 = off 1 = on

Key Name: WindowModePercent

Type: REG_SZ

Explanation: Override the default 90% with a value of your choice.

Example: 75

Here’s an example how these should appear:

  1. Matthew Hurley
    September 10, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    I’ve gotta say I love this tool! Since Citrix removed CDA support for XenApp in Receiver 3.0 we’ve been looking for an alternative so that we can lock down our HP Thin Clients.

    Are there anymore registry keys that can be used to configure the software? I need to remove the cogwheel (and underlying options) from the title bar so that users lose the ability to interact with the local windows desktop? I see that it is availble in Dutch as well, how can I access the Dutch interface?

    Thanks for your help and for making this great software available.

    • September 10, 2012 at 8:57 pm

      Hi Matthew,

      If your pc is not already running an NL mui, you can use the command line to force it to dutch (the help above should have the command line neccessary).

      To disable every setting in the cog is definitely possible, if you use the offline config tool (available as part of the MSI) every setting in ThinKiosk can be disabled (except the help / about menu).

      If you need any more assistance, drop me an email 🙂


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